May 5, 2020

Tips on washing your car


Who doesn’t like their car to be sparking and clean? To some, washing their car is a hassle. But to some, washing their car is quite enjoyable. If you are living in your own landed property, washing the car is fast and simple. If you are living in HDB, it will be slightly more troublesome. But that doesn’t stop us from keeping our cars clean. So, are you washing your car correctly? Here are some tips for your reference.

1. Choice of equipment

The choice of equipment plays a very big role in washing process. Here are some of the recommended items for washing your car:

Car Shampoo

Avoid using household cleaning agents to wash your car. Car shampoo is designed to protect your paintwork. Use car shampoo for the body and rim cleaner for your wheels as it is designed to breakdown brake dust more effectively.

Car Wash Mitt

Microfiber car wash mitt is a better option than sponge as it can absorb dirt particles better than a sponge and gentle on the paintwork.

Microfiber Cloth

Avoid using the same cloth for different purpose. Always use one for dry, and if need to, another for apply car wax and another for buffing off the wax.

Car Wax

To make your car shin after water, apply car wax after washing as it can provide a layer of protection to your paintwork. It will preserve the gloss and create water beading for your car.

2 Buckets

Using of 2 or more buckets allows you to separate the clean water and soap water. With 2 buckets you can use the 2-bucket technique to wash your vehicle refer to the 2-bucket technique below to find out why you should use it.

2. Do not wash under direct sunlight

Washing under direct sunlight is bad for both the car and yourself. Not only you are exposing yourself to the harmful UV rays, the weather will make the water on the car dry up faster and leaving water spots on the paintwork. So, park under shelter or hardworking enough, move to the nearest wash bay to wash your car.

3. Rinse your car first

By rinsing your car before you wipe down with your car shampoo, you are removing all the lose debris and dirt from the car. Otherwise, you will be risking scratching your paintwork.

4. Two bucket technique

Why can’t I use only one bucket? Does that mean I have to purchase two buckets? Think about it, if you only have one bucket which carries the soapy water, each time you dip your Car mitt into your bucket, the dirt that you just wiped gets into the pail. So, it gets dirtier each time. With two buckets, before you dip into the soapy water, get your mitt a rinse so the soapy water will remain clean. Remember to use car shampoo instead of household cleaning agents as they are designed to protect your paintwork

5. Wipe dry your car after wash

Should you use a chamois or a microfiber cloth to dry your car? Both works but personally I prefer using a microfiber cloth and here’s why. Although a chamois is very absorbent, when you place the chamois on your wet vehicle, it will create a suction between the cloth. So, if there is any dirt particle on the car, you will be dragging it with your chamois and scratching your paintwork.

6. Apply the right sealant

After drying your car, you can seal off the paintwork, protecting your car from rain and dirt. With a layer of sealant on your car, you will be able to experience water beading. What is water beading? It simply means that water is repelled from the surface thus reducing steak and water marks. Dirt will also sit on the layer of sealant, so you don’t have to exert much force when washing your car with soap.

Try out these tips for your next car wash and start detailing your car like a expert!


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